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Saddle Stitch

Saddle stitched booklets are magazine style with 2 staples along the center fold line. They are perfect for projects of up to 40 pages including self-published magazines, catalogs, manuals, event programs, playbills, pamphlets, and zines.

Perfect Bound

perfect bound books have a heavier weight outer cover wrapped around the pages creating a square spine to which the pages are glued. These are great for publications of up to 1" thick. Perfect binding is perfect for catalogs, photo books, look books, and manuals.


Wire coil booklets have holes drilled through the pages that are connected with a sturdy wire coil which allows the pages to lay flat. With a thickness of up 1/2 inch these booklets are perfect for handbooks, planners, power point presentations, cookbooks and more.

Spiral Binding

Spiral coil booklets have holes drilled through the pages that are connected with a plastic spiral coil. This allows the pages to move at ease with full rotation. With a thickness of up to 1" these are perfect for power point presentations, cookbooks, manuals and more.

Fashion Lookbooks

To make the lasting impression one would look for in showcasing their brand collections, LookBooks are the perfect way to do so. Originally, they were print publications but are now used to show off collections. Fashion designers, stylists, and e-commerce sites use lookbooks to display their products. LookBooks can be distributed to all forms of viewers including buyers, consumers, and even the media. There are so many LookBooks distributed throughout the world, it would make someone wonder how theirs will stand out from the others and how they will get it made. Originality and aesthetics are key to creating the perfect piece to represent what you’re trying to display.

The idea behind using lookbooks is to display your products being used in real life situations. By doing this you’re going to connect with your audience on an emotional level. When shopping becomes more of an experience as opposed to a simple search there is a stronger connection between the product and the consumer.

We wanted to share some of the ways a lookbook can benefit you and your business. Lookbooks educate and stimulate your customers. Your lookbook isn’t simply a display of one item but many items that work together to create a “look”. In addition to being a display, the lookbook shows you what setting to where these items and which products go together.

Lookbooks also share a story about the collection. Telling the story of the lookbook creates brand loyalty which cannot be purchased. Once this connection has been built it’s much easier to connect with potential customers. This, in turn, creates word of mouth advertising which can create some hype around the products.

Now we’re on to creating the lookbook. There are several steps in creating the perfect LookBook and we’ll try to explain some of the processes.

First, a plan needs to be put in place before you can release the physical form of what you’ve been dreaming up. Therefore, a blueprint should be created. There are many different styles of LookBooks out there and you want to make sure yours stands out compared to the rest. Whether you choose to go the route of a book of stylish looks, a digital LookBook or just a simple catalog, the format should be determined before putting the process into production.

Create a cover page. This will be the first thing the customer sees. It will set the tone for the whole book so it is imperative the cover page is visually stimulating. It’ll include an image that will excite the viewer, the date and title of the collection and your brand name.

Next, you’ll work on the introduction. It should have the philosophy on display as to let the viewers know what they are all about and what they represent. This part of the LookBook might contain information on the designer, the history of the brand or product and what the designer’s goals are for the collection on display. This part of the LookBook is the first step into the mind of the designer and therefore, one of the most important parts of the project.

Once the blueprint and introduction are complete, the styling and photography will come into play. There are so many moving parts within the photography that this part of the process can make or break a project. The right photographer should be chosen as to represent the vision of the designer. Then the right model must be chosen along with the right placement of the pieces being put on display. The photographer and the designer should share the same vision and in turn, create a lasting LookBook that will represent the collection in the manner it deserves. Here are some things to remember when sourcing your photographs.

  • There should be no less than two photos for each page.
  • The background of the photo should be clear and clean. Make sure it’s neutral and draws the focus to the product
  • Look for examples of other lookbooks that inspire you and use them to help create your idea

If your lookbook has models in it, make sure they are in natural looking poses and put them in a position where the product is front and center.

Next will come the importance of the product and collection description. Viewers aren’t able to see the collection in person and therefore information like fabrics, colors, fits or style names should be displayed so there is no question what the viewer is looking at. These descriptions should be vivid enough to capture the viewer’s attention and captivate their imagination.

Make sure the customer can easily access a link or some other way to buy the products

Your LookBook should be a display of your vision and originality. There are many steps in creating the perfect product but when it comes down to it, the lookbook should be an extension of your vision and how you want to appear to the buyers and viewers that are browsing your creation.

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