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With our Online Flyer Printing Service. We allow you to quickly and easily order online and have them available for pick up at our New York City location. Choose a shipping option if you are not conveniently located to our midtown location.
Reach out to more people to promote your event. Perfect for hand-outs in High traffic locations in New York City. Promote your next event with these easily distributed printed flyers. In a Rush and needs flyers today? Choose our same day printing service and Pick up your flyers in a few hours.
Popular Flyer Sizes:
4"x 6"
4.25" 6"
5.5" x 8.5"
5" x 7"
8.5" x 11"
Popular Flyer Paper Types:
70lb uncoated text
100lb Gloss Text
100lb Matte Text
Turnaround Availability for Flyer Printing:
Same Day Printing
Next Day Printing
Regular Turnaround 2-3 business days
Total Quantity
Paper Finish
Paper Weight
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Creating an effective flyer is a great way to promote your business or skill set. However, much can be lost if the design and message aren’t cohesive and attention grabbing. There are some things you can do to create a great flyer.
First, you’ve probably heard about the attention span of people these days. With so many things going on, it’s hard to keep attention on one thing at a time and therefore, you’ll want to keep your flyer short and sweet. Try to take your message and condense it so the main points you’re trying to push are there in the face of the viewer. If you include large pieces of text, you’ll lose the attention of the reader fast. You might not be able to get all the information onto the flyer you’d like so leave contact information at the bottom so the customer can follow up if need be. It also helps to have all of this information organized in a way that’s easy to follow. Use bullet points, infographics and text boxes to organize into readable sections.
Next, you’ll want to create a headline that’s going to be an attention grabber. This headline doesn’t necessarily have to be at the top of the page but it needs to be the first focus of the flyer. You should think about this for a while because this will be the first impression. The headline should give a clear indication of what you do or what message you’re trying to send. It should also be memorable. Use unusual or provocative wording to catch the attention of the reader.
You’ll want to use eye catching graphics. Generally using one large image is going to have more of an impact than using many smaller ones. Choosing the right image can really support your story and grab the customer’s attention. It’ll be the focus of the flyer and will attract the viewer. You can have professional images taken or buy them from the internet.

After the headline, you’ll want to list your services or what you have to offer in the bullet points. Make sure to let the customer know why they should pick you and let them know what distinguishes you from the competition. There will be many businesses coming for the same customers so you must stand out. What makes you better than them? Your potential customers will ask themselves if there is something in it for them so make your points concise and clear. It helps to highlight titles and subtitles in bold to further stand out. Some strong words like save, love, results, free and guarantee will help to push your point across.
Case studies and testimonials are also very helpful in convincing prospects that your product is the one for them. Nothing is quite as powerful as someone like you telling you the product is fantastic and was perfect for them. If you decide to use these, make sure to give as much detail as possible about the person leaving the review.
Next, and possibly the most important factor, is to proofread your flyer. One misspelling or grammar error could lead to that customer completely disregarding your flyer. After all the time and money you put into these, don’t let an easy to fix error be your downfall. Proofread multiple times and get an extra set of eyes on your flyer to proofread as well.
You’ll also want a call to action. Tell the reader to order now, go to the website or call today. Don’t let them sit by idle while your competition is telling them where to go. It’ll also help to offer special deals or offers. Use a coupon at the bottom of the flyer. If you decide to offer a promotion or coupon, make sure to clearly state the limitations to the offer. Doing this can increase the chances of having the customers reach out to you.
Finally, know your customers. This could be labeled as the most important part of creating an effective flyer next to proofreading. You want to tailor your flyer to the people you’re targeting so make sure it’ll strike a chord with them. These techniques can really improve the chances of converting a viewer to a customer. Don’t overly complicate the process and stick to these basic rules and you should see nice ROI on your marketing efforts.
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