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Brochure Printing

Creating an effective brochure is a key piece of sales literature that can potentially improve sales and bring in more customers. However, this is not as easy as one might think and can be expensive even with low cost printing services. Add in postage costs and you can have an expensive investment so you will want to make sure you doing it right the first time.

Before all else, you need to understand the audience that will be seeing the brochures. What are the important factors to them and why do they want to buy the product or service? Reach out to customers and find out what they’re looking for and try asking salespeople too as they’ve been working with the customers and may have insight. Use this information to create the foundation of your brochure.

Don't waste space on the brochure. You might be proud of the way your storefront looks or what building you’re in but use the valuable space on the brochure to explain how your product or service will meet your customer's needs. Remember, your customer is interested in what your product or service can do for them. The brochure should focus on the benefits they’ll enjoy by choosing what you’re offering.

When it comes to headlines and graphics, they need to stand out and grab the attention of the viewer. Remember these people get so many pieces of literature throughout their lives that it really has to stand out to grab their attention.

Once the brochure has been opened, the headline needs to be an attention grabber. The viewer will be skimming the brochure before they get into the details so make sure it’s interesting. Next, try to stick to bullet points to focus on the most important features. Most viewers won’t spend too much time looking so make the key points stand out so they can see them quickly and then lead them to the next step.

There should be some sort of call to action at this point to provoke an immediate response. Let the viewer know what they need to do next. Don’t assume they’ll go to Google to find your business information. Make it as easy as possible for them to get to your website, social media page or to call. You can also provide some sort of coupon or discount to create urgency. It will have been a waste of time for them to go through the entire brochure and not reach out.

Finally, consider including some sort of guarantee. You've already done the hard work and any extra push to get the customer to choose you will make the brochure that much more effective. Any new purchase can create hesitation or fear so ease that fear with your guarantee.

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